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Remediation of wastewater

Quantum specializes in the treatment of produced water in the oil and gas industry. We actively manage storage, processing of frac wastewater and the subsequent re-sale of the treated water as well as any derivative products.

The oil and gas industry is a significant producer of wastewater.


barrels of water are required to produce 1 barrel of oil.


barrels of wastewater are produced every day in the Permian Basin in Texas.


per year oil and gas water market is growing quickly.

Leaders in innovation

Current technology enables us to clean the water, extract chemicals for re-sale, and make the water safe for reuse by industry or to be released back into the environment.

We accept used produced water for treatment, remove harmful chemicals and produce oil and gas chemical additives for sale back to energy producers and other industry buyers.


Committed to upholding ESG principles.

The sourcing and disposal of water at frac sites is a growing business risk for energy producers and an environmental concern.  Quantum provides a favourable solution to oil and gas companies while delivering an environmentally sensitive process to cleaning used production water. 

Contact Us

401 Bay Street, Suite 2410

Toronto, ON  M5H 2Y4

416 500 8396

Quantum Water Services is a subsidiary of River Birch Global Water Inc.

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